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1. How to replace a broken glass.

To remove the broken glass boil the goblet in water for about 10 minutes.This will soften the glue and allow you to pull the brocken glass out of the pewter stem. (wear gloves when doing this)

Mix about a teaspoon of 5 minute araldite with a bamboo skewer and put the mixed glue into the bottom of the pewter stem then put the glass replacement into the glue in the stem.    Wait 1 hour. Job done.

2.How to clean pewter.

Pewter care
Time, and with use, pewter will develop a classic subdued tone, one of pewter's unique properties. However, the brilliant  finish can be maintained with some simple cleaning tips.
Regardless of the finish, pewter should never be exposed to direct flame or heated surfaces, scrubbed with a brush or put in a dishwasher. Also, be aware that if you live by the ocean, atmospheric salts can dull pewter's surface - wipe occasionally with a damp cloth to lessen the effect.
For optimal care, follow these simple tips dependant on the items finish.
Satin Finish
Wash in warm soapy water and rinse thoroughly.
Dry immediately with a soft cloth.
Always wipe satin-finish pieces along its polish lines.
Antique Finish
Wash in warm soapy water and rinse thoroughly.
Dry immediately with a soft cloth.
24K Gold-plated Pewter
Wash in warm soapy water and rinse thoroughly.
Dry immediately with a soft cloth.
Do not use metal polish, as this will dull the gold.
Brilliant Finish

Polish as silver, with a good brand of silver polish and a soft flannel.




Hi Graeme
My Red Dragon arrived today and it is stunningly beautiful. I'm so thrilled. Thank you!
Warm regards



Good Evening Graeme,

I just wanted to let you know that
we got our Dragon yesterday, we love it. Thank you so much for the fast turn around and a beautiful masterpiece. Will have pride of place in the study.
Kind Regards,

Wendy and the boys!


Hi Graeme,
Just to let you know the tankard arrived safe and sound this morning.
It looks fantastic; my husband is going to love it!
Many thanks
Best wishes


Hi Graeme,                                                                                                                                                      I received my goblets today, I love the detail you have put into them they look awesome and i'm very happy with them, my goblet collection is now complete,  thank you, Paula 


Hi Graeme

The Hobbit Chess was released for public viewing (and mine!) on June 2nd at my 50th Birthday. My friends all contributed to its purchase and were delighted to see how fantastic it is.

I especially like  Gandalf on the Eagle – the set is truly a work of art and compliments my Lord Of the Rings chess set. I hope it has been a success for you!

All the best


My dear Graeme,
Package had arrived safely and I had to wait until my youngest boy could stop by the house (he's 46 - not like he's a little kid, but a kid at heart).
Jim stopped by the house tonight and I gave him the package.  I wish I had had forethought to video his reaction to the package - and the contents. 
The pictures of your work does not do them justice.  Smaug and the Red Dragon were more than amazing.......I don't think there would be an adjective to describe them that would be enough.
I am more than pleased ( and Jim, too)...... I will sing your praises.
Thank you so very much.      Marty McCarter, IL, USA


Hi Graeme!!

He arrived today, and is more Incredible in person, than in his picture!
I am thrilled to death with his detail and artistry!  Thank You so very much for creating him for me!
Many, Many Thanks!
Nancy :)
..........>............//.........._____ Hi Graeme, Just letting you know, goblets arrived safely and, as always, they are beauties and have already been put to good use! Cheers, John & Kath Hi Graeme, Just to let you know that the goblet arrived TODAY! Can't believe it. It is just stunning and I know that my son is going to really love it. Can't wait to give it to him on Saturday. Thank you for a seamless purchase and a super fast delivery. Your work is truly amazing. Kind Regards Susan Dear Graeme, Arwen has just arrived. What can I say? She is magnificent! She has joined Bilbo in place of honour (middle of the mantlepiece) and I am absolutely thrilled with the quality and beauty of the piece. Many thanks for your excellent service as always! Have fabulous trip next month. Kind regards, Lynne Hi Anthony! It's been a while since I got your package, but I've just remembered I didn't reach you about that. What I wanted to say is that both of the goblets have come good and fine, but it's not the case. The case is that they are just a masterpiece! I don't know how you do that, by I really admire. Really, in real life they are even better than I thought. Extremely cool and good quality. So I just wanted to give you my respect on that as I really like it when people do their job professionally (and that's what I'm always aiming to do). I know how hard it is sometimes. Cheers! ср, 17 апр. 2019 г. в 15:06, Пейчев Станислав :