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,The Celtic pewter range,the medieval pewter range, dragons,goblins,fairies, and many other ranges designed and created by Graeme Anthony are now being hand made in Australia and sold by Graeme Anthony Pewter.

Graeme  Anthony - Research,design and sculpture in pewter.Mold and Casting Consultant.Contact for your project.

Graeme  Anthony , Dr

Research,design and sculpture in pewter.Mold and Casting Consultant.Contact for your project.

Mobile: 0428177464

Despite a career path that took him from teaching science through practicing as a chiropractor to lecturing anatomy and physiology, Graeme Anthony found his true calling in the end.

His life-long interest in science fiction and mythology, especially Tolkien, a fertile imagination and a love of and talent for sculpture, led him to abandon bad backs and science for his present incarnation as a Sculptor and Designer.In this role he was responsible for the Royal Selangor's amazing Lord of The Rings Collection.

Since carving his first chess set at age 8,Graeme has created over 40 other chess set designs,hundreds of dragons,goblets, and figurines in materials as diverse as ceramics,resins,epoxies,plaster,wood,leather,glass,urethane and acrylic but he now works almost exclusively in pewter.

If you have a project or product that requires the services of one of Australia's leading casting and molding experts, don't hesitate to contact Graeme for an analysis and quote.

Simon Brooks - Tasmania design and manufacture

Simon Brooks , Designer/manufacturer

Tasmania design and manufacture

Phone: 03 62536033

Fax: 03 62536063

Mobile: 0429976624

Simon handles all the manufacturing and distribution for our products in Tasmania.See Simon and our creations every Saturday at Salamanca market in Hobart. (site 150)

Born in England, Simon developed his artistic flair while at school, working with wax sculpture and developing moulding techniques which created a passion for possibility.
Combined with his love of nature, passion for history and mythology, with his good friend Graeme Anthony,  Simon has created a library of funtional pewter ware for all to enjoy.
Simon  now lives in Tasmania with his family and together with the skills and talents of those around him continues to create.
All works, including Limited Edition pieces and work in progress are on display each Saturday at Hobart's famous Salamanca Market in Tasmania.(site 150)

Works can be viewed at the Dunalley Studio/workshop by appointment.(0429976624)